• Soundproof Rooms on Demand
    Soundproof Rooms on Demand Jaye Andone, president and CEO of SCIF Global Technologies, LLC was contacted by Bloomberg.com for an interview in regard to the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, Scott Pruitt’s ultra-secure phone booth in his office.
  • Classified Information is TOP Priority
    Classified Information is TOP Priority In today’s climate of highly publicized national security threats and breaches, the topic of protecting classified information is high on the collective priority list of the American public.
  • What Is a SCIF?
    What Is a SCIF? SCIF Global Technologies, LLC was featured on ABC News. "What is a SCIF? Inside the Room Used for Intelligence Briefings"
  • American Made.
    American Made. We're proud to say that SCIF Global Technologies assembles all our SCIFs entirely in the United States of America.
  • Custom Designed.
    Custom Designed. Whatever your specs, SCIF Global Technologies can custom-create exactly what you need. All of our SCIFs are designed to meet ICD 705 standards and to be fully accred­ited by the CIA, DIA, NSA and other agencies.