Intrusion Detection Systems – The First Line of Defense

If you haven’t noticed, it’s a dangerous world out there, with everyone from spies to thieves to cyber criminals taking aim at property both real and intellectual. While in the past, the first line of defense involved guard dogs, minefields and guys with guns, in today’s digital world, the majority of defense systems are electronic… read more →

SCIF Global Technologies and InterSpec

SCIF Global Technologies is proud to be working with InterSpec, lead specification consultants for our product line of maximum-security, modular facilities and installation projects. read more →

Florida 8(a) Alliance Member Spotlight

As President and CEO of SCIF Global Technologies, an SBA 8(a) certified, woman owned small business, Jaye Andone was recently featured in Florida 8(a) Alliance‘s March 2015 Newsletter! Read the feature excerpted from the newsletter here: Florida 8(a) Alliance — March Newsletter Member Spotlight: SCIF Global Technologies LLC – Jaye Andone CORPORATE CAPABILITIES SCIF Global.. read more →

Giving Thanks…

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and we have so much to be thankful for.  Last week we were at a Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) conference in Kansas City and were able to network with folks that were interested in our services to provide SCIF space.  More importantly we were able to meet one.. read more →

SCIF in Prime Time

It’s always great to wind down on a Sunday night by watching one of my favorite shows, The Good Wife. Each character’s storyline intertwines, sometimes crossing the lines of personal and professional. Now you’re asking, why am I even writing about a non-reality television show? Well last Sunday’s episode referenced the industry that our company is.. read more →

SCIF Procurement 101: Our Seven Step Process Towards Acquiring a SCIF

I receive numerous phone calls requesting a quote on a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility).   Most potential customers have been tasked to start the process for acquiring either a portable, modular SCIF or a SCIF space for their company or government unit.  The problem lies in that they only have a minimal amount of information.. read more →

What’s the deal with US Military Challenge Coins?

I have often wondered what was the significance of US military challenge coins. Apparently, US Military challenge coins date back to World War I in helping the soldiers and troops form a sense of ‘esprit de corp’. The popularity of these coins spread during the Vietnam War as an expression of pride and camaraderie for.. read more →

Does the Pope Use a SCIF?

Everyone has seen the Pope mobile, the modified Mercedes Benz SUV replete with a rear platform protected by bulletproof glass. First constructed after the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in 1981 the vehicle is as much a status symbol as protector of the papacy. But what many people don’t realize is that not.. read more →

SCIF Specifications

When we talk about Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, more commonly called SCIFs, we are talking about a high security facility that is meant to secure information and communications. Whether the SCIF is a secure room within a facility or is a portable unit designed to be shipped to any part of the globe, the job.. read more →

Repurposed Shipping Containers Offer a New Lease on Life

Invented nearly fifty years ago, shipping container recycling may soon be coming to a town near you. These are the same containers we use for some of our SCIFs, the same tractor trailer sized containers that are used daily to move everything from toys to televisions across the ocean and across continents. While sturdy, these.. read more →