Where Uncle Sam Shops for Security Systems

When it comes to engaging and educating the very people whose job it is to procure security systems for the various branches of the US government, the yearly Defense Intelligence Worldwide Trade Show (formerly known as the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference). Bringing together hundreds of defense contractors, security specialists, IT engineers and other technology providers under.. read more →

The Appeal of Modular Construction for the Federal Government

Modular construction of federal projects such as SCIFs have a lot of appeal in Congress, since they represent a way of saving on construction costs while at the same time ensuring durable structures that have a reduced impact on the environment. To facilitate greater use of permanent modular constructions (PMC), a vernacular deemed the Appropriations.. read more →

Listen Up – How Sound Transmission Class Ratings Relates to SCIF Security

When it comes to breaching a facility’s security, sometimes it doesn’t take high tech electronics, all it takes is the lowest tech of all: ears. That’s right, all the high tech security in the world will do little good if a classified conversation can be heard by a covert operative standing nearby. This is why.. read more →

Keeping a Secret is Hard to Do

During the Cold War, spies used to use contrivances like dead drops and microdots to hide their nefarious activities. While such old school techniques are a little out of date by today’s standards, current events have revealed that keeping secrets in the information age is hard to accomplish. Recently publicized security breaches and hacking events.. read more →