What’s the deal with US Military Challenge Coins?

I have often wondered what was the significance of US military challenge coins. Apparently, US Military challenge coins date back to World War I in helping the soldiers and troops form a sense of ‘esprit de corp’. The popularity of these coins spread during the Vietnam War as an expression of pride and camaraderie for.. read more →

Does the Pope Use a SCIF?

Everyone has seen the Pope mobile, the modified Mercedes Benz SUV replete with a rear platform protected by bulletproof glass. First constructed after the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in 1981 the vehicle is as much a status symbol as protector of the papacy. But what many people don’t realize is that not.. read more →

SCIF Specifications

When we talk about Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, more commonly called SCIFs, we are talking about a high security facility that is meant to secure information and communications. Whether the SCIF is a secure room within a facility or is a portable unit designed to be shipped to any part of the globe, the job.. read more →

Repurposed Shipping Containers Offer a New Lease on Life

Invented nearly fifty years ago, shipping container recycling may soon be coming to a town near you. These are the same containers we use for some of our SCIFs, the same tractor trailer sized containers that are used daily to move everything from toys to televisions across the ocean and across continents. While sturdy, these.. read more →

Where Uncle Sam Shops for Security Systems

When it comes to engaging and educating the very people whose job it is to procure security systems for the various branches of the US government, the yearly Defense Intelligence Worldwide Trade Show (formerly known as the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference). Bringing together hundreds of defense contractors, security specialists, IT engineers and other technology providers under.. read more →

The Appeal of Modular Construction for the Federal Government

Modular construction of federal projects such as SCIFs have a lot of appeal in Congress, since they represent a way of saving on construction costs while at the same time ensuring durable structures that have a reduced impact on the environment. To facilitate greater use of permanent modular constructions (PMC), a vernacular deemed the Appropriations.. read more →

Listen Up – How Sound Transmission Class Ratings Relates to SCIF Security

When it comes to breaching a facility’s security, sometimes it doesn’t take high tech electronics, all it takes is the lowest tech of all: ears. That’s right, all the high tech security in the world will do little good if a classified conversation can be heard by a covert operative standing nearby. This is why.. read more →

How Bulletproof is Your Security?

When it comes to securing a facility against electronic and/or physical penetration, the benchmark that needs to be achieved is referred to by security professionals as SID, for Security in Depth. At its heart, SID refers to all of the factors that both reduce the probability of penetration, while at the same time enhancing the.. read more →

New Year, New Rules for DOD Site Protection Mandate

In February of this year, the government changed the rules for protecting structures from the potential for terrorist threats. This was an update of the original Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC 4-020-01) published on July 31, 2002. Aside from the date, the latest revision was gleaned from the lessons learned during the past decade, which included.. read more →

Keeping a Secret is Hard to Do

During the Cold War, spies used to use contrivances like dead drops and microdots to hide their nefarious activities. While such old school techniques are a little out of date by today’s standards, current events have revealed that keeping secrets in the information age is hard to accomplish. Recently publicized security breaches and hacking events.. read more →