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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a TEMPEST requirement for EMI/RF emanations or do you only require the minimum ICD 705 requirement to have a STC/Sound attenuation?

Minimum ICD 705 requirements are for an STC rated facility unless the customer or their customer has a TEMPEST requirement.

How many personnel/ work stations will the SCIF need to accommodate?

It is always very helpful for a client to have some sort of conceptual layout for us to quote a modular facility unless it is for a containerized SCIF.

What type of Intrusion Detection System and/or Access Control System do you require?

We can install a stand-alone system for our customer or any system compatible with the existing system there at their facility.

Will you require a fire alarm system / fire suppression system?

We will abide by the customer requirements on life safety systems.

What are the electrical requirements for the SCIF, i.e. what are you bringing up to the SCIF and what type of equipment do we need to support in the SCIF? (voltage, phase, amperage).

We will follow NEC guidelines to install the electrical system in customer’s facility according to their electrical requirements.

What type of communication drops do you need at each workstation or at the server racks?

We are able to customize the internal layout of the SCIF for the customer’s data requirements.

What are the HVAC requirements, i.e. heat load for any equipment you are planning to put in the SCIF?

Our engineers will design a mechanical system to support our customer’s HVAC requirements.

Where is this SCIF going to be delivered / installed?

We will deliver and install the SCIF at the customer’s location.

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