The Defense Intelligence Worldwide Trade Show

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Want to learn about engaging and educating the very people whose job it is to procure security systems for the various branches of the US government?  Visit the yearly (formerly known as the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference), where Uncle Sam shops for security systems. Bringing together hundreds of defense contractors, security specialists, IT engineers, and other technology providers, this is the Super Bowl of security conferences. This trade show has long served as the DIA’s way of communicating the capabilities and cutting edge technologies available to the IT and Intelligence Communities.

In addition to providing exhibition space to vendors, the conference also promotes training of those involved in the Defense Intelligence Workforce. This includes everything from live demos and hands-on training provided at individual booths, to breakout sessions, seminars, and noted speakers. Recent speakers include Lt. General Michael T. Flynn, Director of the DIA and Steve Bennett, CEO of Symantec Corporation.

Keeping It State-of-the-Art

This conference serves as a conduit where businesses that support the security and intelligence community can interface with industry and government experts. They provide timely feedback on existing products and services and learn about new ones. This face-to-face contact with potential customers and end users makes the conference an asset to the intelligence community. It is also a way for vendors to survey existing and potential customers, as well as getting a feel for emerging technologies.

Our defense planners, warfighters, and policy makers require information necessary to prevent strategic surprises. This trade conference ensures that all mission components are not only represented, but also perform seamlessly.

Jaye Andone is CEO of SCIF Global Technologies, a company that specializes in the design and construction of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities. They are also an exhibitor at this year’s Defense Intelligence Worldwide. For more information, go to