TEMPEST Products

TEMPEST Products

TEMPEST is a codename referring to studies and investigations of compromising emission​ designed to ensure the security of equipment used to store electronic communications. Our TEMPEST products cover both the shielding of sensitive information-containing equipment as well as the ability to block signals from exterior sources.

SCIF Global Technologies can design cost-effective TEMPEST units and will use the latest technology and testing to meet your criteria. A SCIF is only as effective as its access door. We incorporate doors with excellent shielding effectiveness that include an NSA approved CDX-10 lock.

SCIF Construction Requirments

SCIF construction requirements were updated on May 27, 2010 with the Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705.  ICD 705 is a capstone document that implements Intelligence Community Standard (ICS) 705.1. The Unifed Facilities Criteria system (UFC 4-010-05) was later prescribed by MIL-STD 3007 for the planning, design, and construction which applies to the defense agencies, the Military Departments, and DOD field activities.

The Tech Spec for ICD 705 specifically states, “RF protection shall be installed at the direction of the CTTA when a SCIF utilizes electronic processing and does not provide adequate RF attenuation at the inspectable space boundary. It is recommended for all applications where RF interference from the outside of the SCIF is a concern inside the SCIF.”

  • Secure
  • Latest Technology
  • Unparalleled Construction Strategy

TEMPEST Products Guarantee

All SCIF Global TEMPEST products guarantee an unparalleled security benefit. Our construction tactics and materials are unmatched and of the latest technology. This ensures that all ICD 705 specifications are met.

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