SCIF Financing & Leasing

We offer a full range of leasing and financ­ing

options tai­lored to meet your bud­getary needs.


The Lease Pur­chase option allows you to pay a pre-determined monthly lease rate with an option to pur­chase the SCIF at the end of the lease.

Operating Lease

Oper­at­ing Leases are sim­i­lar to the lease pur­chase option, with the excep­tion that it may or may not offer a buy-out price at the end of the lease.  An Oper­at­ing Lease offers you the low­est monthly pay­ment over a defined time period. You may pre­fer the attrac­tive rates of a lease with­out actu­ally own­ing the SCIF at the end of the lease.

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