It’s always great to wind down on a Sunday night by watching one of my favorite shows, The Good Wife. Each character’s storyline intertwines, sometimes crossing the lines of personal and professional. Now you’re asking, why am I even writing about a non-reality television show? Well, last Sunday’s episode referred to the industry that our company is involved in: SCIFs! Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities do not often appear on TV shows. That said, last night’s episode of The Good Wife was about two of the attorneys fighting a case against the NSA that had been listening in on private conversations. The government’s attorney told the judge that they have “super secret information” that only the judge can hear. The government attorney then asked the judge to speak in the SCIF because the information is classified.  It was a great explanation of what a SCIF can be used for!

Cone of SilenceIt was interesting to see how a SCIF worked its way into The Good Wife, but there were always hints of the “cone of silence” in the old Get Smart series. Secure rooms are used more often than you think. They are essential in the government and commercial worlds for securing sensitive information. SCIF Global Technologies® guarantees that our modular SCIFs are built to a certain sound attenuation standard, as well as electronic eavesdropping criterion. We can do both. In this high tech world, more of our government customers require their SCIFs to be built to defend against electronic intrusion unless they have layers of security in place called Security in Depth. There are many things to consider during the planning stages and implementation of a construction security plan for a SCIF.

If you were inspired by this episode of The Good Wife, learn more about SCIF Global Technologies. We work with our customers to create a cost-effective security solution without sacrificing the quality and effectiveness of the SCIF.

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Was that SCIF on The Good Wife real? Most likely it was not, but it was exciting to see a bit of our reality on a Sunday night.

The Good Wife SCIFThe Cone of Silence

Episode of The Good Wife referring to a SCIF