SCIF Modular Units

Don’t con­fuse mod­u­lar con­struc­tion with a tem­po­rary trailer. Our cus­tom, com­mer­cial relo­cat­able mod­u­lar build­ings meet and exceed IBC, NFPA, NEC, JAFAN 6/9, ICPG, ICD 705, DoD and other lev­els of con­struc­tion that are required. Mod­u­lar con­struc­tion is sim­ply man­u­fac­tur­ing and assem­bling the major com­po­nents of a build­ing in a con­trolled fac­tory environment. The biggest ben­e­fit of a mod­u­lar unit is that it can be quickly con­structed on-site without any limitations on size. Each modular facility is custom-designed and engineered to your specific requirements and has passed third-party STC 50 testing inspection.

Speed of construction, through simultaneously preparing the project site and constructing the building’s modules offsite in a factory, yields a 30 to 50 percent time savings over conventional construction methods. We can design a secure facility, an office, or a classroom. Just send us your unique requirements. Once the con­tract has been exe­cuted and the final design is approved, lead time is 90–150 days until imme­di­ate deliv­ery, setup, and completion.

For Government Customers

For our government customers, mod­u­lar SCIF or SAPF units are relo­cat­able or per­ma­nent solu­tions for pro­vid­ing a secure facil­ity built to JAFAN 6/9 and ICD 705 stan­dards. SCIF or SAPF mod­u­lar units are a cus­tom design-build, turnkey solu­tion to your spe­cific require­ments. You pro­vide us with the size and spec­i­fi­ca­tions, and we do the rest. We can offer full cus­tomiza­tion from a 200 sq. ft. unit that can be placed inside a hangar to a 50,000 sq. ft. multi-level per­ma­nent facility.

SCIF Global Tech­nolo­gies will also assist with the Fixed Facil­ity Check­list (FFC) and TEMPEST adden­dum, which is required for accred­i­ta­tion for all Sen­si­tive Com­part­mented Infor­ma­tion Facil­i­ties (SCIFs) or for Special Access Program Facilities (SAPF). We will pro­vide sup­port­ing doc­u­men­ta­tion to com­plete all the forms and plans listed in the Tech­ni­cal Spec­i­fi­ca­tions for Con­struc­tion and Man­age­ment of Sen­si­tive Com­part­mented Infor­ma­tion Facil­i­ties nec­es­sary for accreditation.