22 Jul 2013

SCIF Procurement 101: Our Seven Step Process Towards Acquiring a SCIF

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I receive numerous phone calls requesting a quote on a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility).   Most potential customers have been tasked to start the process for acquiring either a portable, modular SCIF or a SCIF space for their company or government unit.  The problem lies in that they only have a minimal amount of information that pertains to their project.  First of all let’s not look at this as a problem but as a challenge.  Second, look at this acquisition as if you’re purchasing a highly technical vehicle.  You can either go with a basic manual five speed model or start upgrading towards that Cadillac.  Having guided many customers through the process, we can definitely lead them towards defining their requirements.    Don’t have a copy of the latest ICD 705 Tech Specs?  Email us at info@scifglobal.com  and we’ll be happy to forward you a copy.

Here is a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) towards procurement of a SCIF:

  1. We will forward a questionnaire to determine your specific needs
  2. We will evaluate your project and submit a budgetary ROM
  3. Once the formal solicitation is open for bid, we will then submit our Fixed Price Proposal in accordance with the customer’s formal Statement of Work
  4. Once we are awarded the contract, we will have a kick-off meeting with your personnel.  This kick-off meeting should include your main POC or Project Manager and the appropriate electrical, IT, and IDS experts, if applicable
  5. We will then submit initial 75% design drawings for your team’s review
  6. Once the design is signed-off and accepted, and dependent upon the size and scope of the project, our 90-150 day clock commences towards installation of your SCIF or SAPF product
  7. Delivery, installation and final turn-over of SCIF or SAPF to customer along with all supporting documentation to help with the SCIF or SAPF accreditation process

40' SCIF ContainerWe acknowledge the present fiscal challenges and uncertainty facing the federal government, the Department of Defense and numerous government contracting agencies and businesses; therefore, we are eager to work with our customers to define a cost-effective solution and are committed to eliminating unnecessary expenses to ensure a disciplined use of resources.  We continue to drive affordability throughout our products without compromising innovation, flawless quality, and on-time delivery.  Our customers will attest to the fact that we are able to deliver on time and within budget in compliance with their exact requirements.

Finally and most importantly, we are dedicated to helping support the warfighter in the field.  With our motto Results. Not Excuses. rest assured that we’ll be with you every step of the way.

About the Author

Jaye Andone is president and CEO of SCIF Global Technologies. Jaye will most likely be your first point of contact to lead you through the process from concept to procurement of your facility. Request a Quote or give her a call: 904-524-0911

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