18 Jun 2013

What’s the deal with US Military Challenge Coins?

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US Military Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins from 26 years of service in the Navy

I have often wondered what was the significance of US military challenge coins. Apparently, US Military challenge coins date back to World War I in helping the soldiers and troops form a sense of ‘esprit de corp’. The popularity of these coins spread during the Vietnam War as an expression of pride and camaraderie for being a member of an elite group. With that being said, they have become a big part of military life and are much sought after in every branch of the military.

My partner, Ed Meskel, through his 26 years in the Navy as a submariner, has accumulated a vast collection of these challenge coins. Many of the coins were awarded to him for his outstanding service from his commanding officers. His service, performance and expertise has given us a great sense of pride and viability for our business as subject matter experts on SCIF construction ().

We, as a company, have started our own collection of challenge coins, as we successfully complete our projects for portable modular SCIFs or SAPFs. Most of our customer’s exchange these coins with us when we hand over the keys to their new secure facility. We are proud to display these coins in our office and, after doing a bit of research on the history of these coins, I am truly proud to say that we have helped to support our US troops and allies.

Source: Northwest Territorial Mint

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