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About SCIF Global Technologies and Team Members

SCIF Global Technologies is one of the few small businesses in the United States able to fulfill the critical need for truly secure facilities for SCI or Special Access Programs (SAP). We can be your sole source for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs) or SAP Facilities that deny foreign intelligence services and other unauthorized personnel the opportunity for undetected entry into those facilities and exploitation of sensitive activities.

We complete all projects to exact individual customer requirements–on-time, within budget, and built to the most current directives: JAFAN 6/9 and ICD 705. We work with you throughout the entire process and document the progress of your project to help with your Fixed Facility Checklist (FFC).  Give us a call. We keep the process simple–from project conception to mission-ready facilities–by providing impeccable customer service. We are dedicated to our motto: Results. Not Excuses.

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With more than 30 years of com­bined indus­try expe­ri­ence, the man­age­ment team at SCIF Global Tech­nolo­gies has the hands-on knowl­edge and resources to fin­ish every job on time and on budget.

About SCIF Global Technologies Team - Jaye Andone

Jaye Andone

As President and CEO of SCIF Global Technologies, Jaye’s ultimate goal is to position the Company at the forefront of the SCIF industry, increasing profits through business development, negotiating contracts, and executing projects to support customers in helping them design secure solutions to meet their mission demands.  Her aptitude for business development and impeccable customer service makes her key to both our business and yours through the often complex arena of government contracting. Jaye’s expertise in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service comes from her diverse career in professional sales and marketing management. If you’re calling for company information, asking for a quote, or checking on your project, you’ll probably be talking to Jaye.

email: info@scifglobal.com
phone: 904-265-1902 or 904-524-0911

About SCIF Global Technologies Team - Ed Meskel

Edward Meskel

Ed spent the majority of his 26-year Naval career working in and around secure facilities. Ed’s technical abilities have been honed with the best of the best. His key areas of management expertise include enhancing operational efficiency, increasing team productivity, and improving process administration. Ed’s skills also include monitoring quality control, maintaining inventories, managing work flow, estimating time and support, providing technical and supervisory liaison between work centers, RF and STC testing and OSHA compliance, and ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

email: info@scifglobal.com
phone: 904-265-1902 or 904-524-0332

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